About Us



And we want you to feel like family when you enter our doors.
Our store opened in 2009 and was purchased in 2015 by our current store owners, Mike and Jillian Anderson.
Since our beginning, over 4500 Consignors have entrusted us to sell their furniture for them!

We believe that our customers and our consignors should be treated with kindness, respect, and of course, some warm southern hospitality!We also have the best staff in Nashville (we may be a little bias)- they are friendly, kind, and very helpful!

If you are a long time shopper or consignor at Classy Cat or have just visited us for the first time, we appreciate your loyalty and continued business.  And remember, when you enter our doors, please feel right at home!



Our furniture, home decor, draperies and rugs are often times priced up to 50 to 60% off new retail prices! Everybody loves a great deal and our price tags ensure that you get one.

After 30 days, our prices reduces 10% off the original price. After 60 days it reduces 20% off the original price, and after 90 days, the price reduces 30%.

However, after 90 days, you will often see the price reduced up 40 to 50% off the original price!

***Shopping Tip from Classy Cat- If you see a specific item you can’t live without, you may want to purchase it!  Furniture in the store often sells quickly!  Also, if you don’t see what you are looking for one day, you may want to come back in a few days.  Our store is constantly receiving new inventory from our wonderful consignors!



We are located just south of Nashville, in Brentwood, directly across from the Costco entrance in the Moores Crossing Shopping Mall.  You can always call us if you are having trouble finding our showroom- 615-377-7738.