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Consign With Us



Accessories/Home Decor

If you only have a few smaller home decor items you want to consign (lamps, urns, mirrors, framed prints, artwork, draperies, etc.), please call the store at (615) 377-7738 to schedule an appointment to bring in your items for approval.  Once you arrive at the store for your appointment, we will review the pieces to see if the items would be a good fit with our store’s décor and something we can sell.


Please fill out the below application if you have furniture and accessories that you want to consign. Please remember that we carry only quality pieces in excellent condition. Items we do not sell include bedding, mattresses, electronics, window treatments (hardware), appliances, jewelry, most antiques.


"*" indicates required fields

Item Name What Brand/Model Age Condition How much did you spend? Pictures Actions
Are there any smokers in the home?
Are there any animals in the home?

If our inventory manager approves your items for consignment, Click the button below to sign the consignment agreement.


Once we have determined we can sell the furniture in the store, you can transport the furniture to the store yourself or hire an outside transport company (we have a few companies that our consignors often use) to pick up the furniture. If you decide to hire an external transport company, we will pay the transport fee when the furniture arrives in the store and deduct the full transport fee from your proceeds at the time of your furniture sale.  If you bring in the items, PLEASE bring sufficient help to unload them.

Consignment Process Completion

Once your items have arrived in the store, we will take care of the rest!


We will price, measure, and email you the prices of the items you consigned with us.  Your itemized list is sent after items are placed on the showroom floor.

Note: Occasionally, we place items in our staging area until they can be positioned on our showroom floor. Your consignment timeline begins on the date of placement on our showroom floor.


  • Our consignment agreement is for 120 days. If your item(s) sells within the first 90 days, you, the consignor, will receive 50% of the sales price. After 90 days, you will receive 25% of the sales price.
  • If the item has yet to sell after 30 days, the price is reduced by 10%. After 60 days, the price is reduced by 30% off the original price. We may provide an additional 10% discount at any point during the consignment process.
  • If the furniture has yet to sell after 90 days, we often discount the furniture up to 40 to 60% off to move the item.  After 120 days, if the piece has not sold, you have seven days to pick up your item, or your item becomes the store’s property.


Venmo or PayPal for the proceeds from the sale of your items (less applicable transportation fees and a $1.89 admin fee)) are transferred to your account on the 10th day after the month your item(s) have  sold.  If your preferred payment method is a check, you can pick up your check the 11th day after the month your item(s) have sold.  

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