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Small Pieces

If there are smaller home decor items that you are looking to consign (lamps, plates, mirrors, framed prints, artwork, draperies etc), please call the store at (615) 377-7738 to set up an appointment to bring in your items.  Once you have arrived at the store for your appointment, we will review the pieces to see if the items would be a good fit with our store’s décor.

Large Pieces

If you have larger pieces of furniture, please fill out the form below.  If you have several pieces of furniture you are looking to consign, we will often times set up a home visit and take a look at your furniture in person.


We will determine the starting price for your furniture based on fair market value.  Our evaluation includes consideration of original and current retail prices, quality, age, and condition.


Once we have determined we can sell the furniture in the store, you can transport the furniture to the store yourself or you can hire an outside transport company (we have a few companies that our consignors often times use) to pick up the furniture. If you decide to hire the outside transport company, we will pay for the transport fee when the furniture arrives in the store and than deduct the full transport fee from your proceeds at the time of sale of your furniture.  If you do opt to bring in the furniture yourself, PLEASE bring sufficient help to unload.  

Consignment Agreement

Our consignment agreement is for 120 days.  If your item(s) sells within the first 90 days, you will receive 50% of the sales price.  After 90 days, you will receive 25% of the sales price.

If the item has not sold after 30 days, the price reduces 10%.  After 60 days the price reduces 20% off the original price and after 90 days, the price reduces 30% off the original price. At any point in the consignment process, we may provide an additional 10% discount.

If the furniture has not sold after 90 days, we often discount the furniture up to 40 or 50% off to move the item.  After 120 days, if the piece has not sold, you can pick up the furniture, or we can donate it for you and send you a tax write off.  Checks are sent out the first week after the month we have sold your items.

You can view and fill out our consignment agreement form over here.

Please keep in mind we carry only quality pieces in excellent condition!  Items we do not sell include bedding, mattresses, electronics, window treatments, appliances, jewelry, most antiques, and rugs that are cut pile or machine made.



Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Prefer to email us directly? No problem, just email us your details at

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Have Your Items Already Been Accepted?

Click the button below to sign the consignment agreement.

Consignment Agreement

  • I hereby consign my item(s) to Classy Cat Consignment for a period not to exceed 120 days. I will retain ownership of my item(s) but I cannot remove said item(s) until that period expires. My final removal date will be     TBD    . I must have my expired item(s) removed from the store within 7 days of this date. Classy Cat has no further obligation to notify me for their removal. I acknowledge and agree that if my consigned items are not picked up 7 days after the above expiration date, my item(s) will become the sole property of Classy Cat Consignment.

    I am fully aware and acknowledge that I will receive 50% of the sale price of my item(s) within the first 90 days of my items being sold. After 90 days, I am fully aware and agree that I will receive 25% of the sale price of my item(s) being sold. I agree to Classy Cat’s discounting policy of a 10% price reduction beginning after the first 30 days and continuing every 30 days after. I agree that in the event my item(s) have entered their last 30-day period, Classy Cat may lower the price for the final 30 days at their discretion. I agree that my item(s) can be discounted an additional 10% at any point in the consignment process, in the event of a store-wide sale, special promotions or to affect an immediate sale of the item(s). I agree that if damage is discovered after initial pricing or if lower retail pricing is found, my item’s pricing can be reduced at Classy Cat’s discretion.

    I acknowledge that my item(s) must be clean and in good working order. I agree that if my item(s) require deep cleaning, touch-up work, or animal hair and or dander needs to be removed from my piece of furniture, I will have $20 deducted from my account per piece of furniture that needs this additional work. I agree and acknowledge that it my item(s) require repair, I will have $20 deducted from my account per piece of furniture that requires repair. I also agree that any lamps or chandeliers I consign are in safe, working order and have met the NEC (National Electric Code) standards.

    I acknowledge that if I so choose to hire a third-party moving company to provide shipping services from the place of my choice to Classy Cat, I will not hold Classy Cat liable or responsible for injury of persons, or damage to goods being moved or shipped by a third-party moving company. I acknowledge that I am hiring the third-party moving company and acknowledge that Classy Cat Consignment has provided option(s) of a third-party moving company, but I am free to negotiate and hire any shipping service provider I so choose. I also agree to the third-party moving fee of $95 an hour, with a minimum fee of $95. However, due to large pieces of furniture, difficulty moving certain pieces of furniture, or distances greater than 8 miles away from the store, the hourly or minimum fee may be more. I agree that the full pick up fee for moving my furniture from my location to Classy Cat Consignment will be paid by Classy Cat when the furniture arrives in the store and the full moving fee will then be deducted from my commission check upon the sale of my furniture.

    I hereby warrant that I have complete title and ownership to the item(s) consigned and will not hold Classy Cat Consignment responsible for any claim of title to it. I agree that Classy Cat Consignment assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to my item(s) by fire, theft, accident, flood, transportation or any other cause. I am solely responsible for any insurance or protection of my consigned item(s).

    I acknowledge and understand that commission checks will be issued by the 10th business day of the month following that item(s) posted sale date. Checks will be mailed to the address below and must be cashed within 30 days of the issues date. I understand that a $25 charge will be deducted from my account to reissue a lost or expired check. Additionally, I agree and understand that Classy Cat Consignment will deduct a $1.89 administrative fee each time a commission check is issued for the sale of my goods. I have read and understand this consignment agreement and agree to all of the above policies of Classy Cat Consignment.

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