Consignment Process

Small Pieces

If there are smaller home decor items that you are looking to consign (lamps, plates, mirrors, framed prints etc), please call the store at (615) 377-7738 to set up an appointment to bring in your items.  Once you have arrived at the store for your appointment, we will review the pieces to see if the items would be a good fit with our store’s décor.


Large Pieces

If you have larger pieces of furniture, please email pictures to classycatconsignment@yahoo.com . Please include in the email how much you paid for the furniture, where you purchased the piece from, and when you purchased it.  Also please include your phone number and your address.  If you have several pieces of furniture you are looking to consign, we will often times set up a home visit and take a look at your furniture in person.



We will determine the starting price for your furniture based on fair market value.  Our evaluation includes consideration of original and current retail prices, quality, age, and condition.



Once we have determined we can sell the furniture in the store, you can transport the furniture to the store yourself or you can hire an outside transport company (we have a few companies that our consignors often times use) to pick up the furniture. If you decide to hire the outside transport company, we will pay for the transport fee when the furniture arrives in the store and than deduct the full fee from your proceeds at the time of sale of your furniture.


Consignment Aggreement

Our consignment agreement is for 120 days and our consignment split is 50/50.


If the item has not sold after 30 days, the price reduces 10%, after 60 days the price reduces 20% off the original price and after 90 days, the price reduces 30% off the original price. At any point in the consignment process, we reserve the right to provide an additional 10% discount on the spot.

If the furniture has not sold after 90 days, we often discount the furniture up to 40 or 50% off to move the item.  After 120 days, if the piece has not sold, you can pick up the furniture, or we can donate it.  Checks are sent out the first week after the month we have sold your items.

You can view and fill out our consignment agreement form over here.

Please keep in mind we carry only quality pieces in excellent condition!  Items we do not sell include bedding, mattresses, electronics, window treatments, appliances, jewelry, most antiques, and rugs that are cut pile or machine made.

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